Have you ever made a mockery of crockery?


Well, have you?


We have mismatched cutlery and crockery, but it’s mostly the cutlery that I mock. Fuck off Big Fork, nobody likes you.


did once berate a plate


Once made a mug of a mug


Our flat has very ugly 70s inspired plates, which are too ugly to eat off. They are mocked


Shoved a glass up my arse


I did lampoon a spoon


I’m just going to have to check if mug comes under crockery, will get back to you on this one.


Took the piss out of a knife for fish


Have you ever wronged a tong?


Got caught banting a flan tin


I once arrived late with a side plate


Not me, but this dolphin I know smashed some porcelain with it’s dorsal fin


He’s Greek, he’s great
He’ll smash your dinner plate
Samaras. Samaras


Been known to troll a bowl


I once talked pish to a dish


Pwned a pizza stone


Wrestled a pestle and slaughtered the mortar


If @smee had started this thread, there’d be ban requests galore!


You’re in jizz-town now, kid.

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context