Have you ever made a mockery of crockery?

Got caught banting a flan tin

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I once arrived late with a side plate

Not me, but this dolphin I know smashed some porcelain with it’s dorsal fin


He’s Greek, he’s great
He’ll smash your dinner plate
Samaras. Samaras


Been known to troll a bowl

I once talked pish to a dish

Pwned a pizza stone

Wrestled a pestle and slaughtered the mortar


If @eems had started this thread, there’d be ban requests galore!

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You’re in jizz-town now, kid.

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I once told a slow cooker it was certainly no looker


I had 2 lovely vintage 70s teacups that I loved SO MUCH and one day I didn’t hang up a sauce pan properly on the ceiling hooks we had in that house and it dropped and I tried to grab it but instead I ended up just punching it across the room and it flew and smashed off just the handles of both cups. Nothing else moved.

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ban request


How big are we talking here?

I very much doubt your fork is in a stock photo.

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It was the best of tines, it was the worst of tines

Tine art America

don’t @ me

I don’t have tine for this