Have you ever met/served/any dalliances with a celebrity who was rude

Name names!

The only thing I’ve got is her who played Carla Connor didn’t say thanks when I refunded her a ticket from the Lion King 3D

Johnny Whitney :frowning2:

Hmm… Have you ever met a celebrity who was a dick?

Nick nairn was once really rude to me before an event, in fairness to him though he found me afterwards and apologised for being a dick.

Derek Jacobi
Billie Piper

Quite a few actually

Served Phil Spencer today, he was decent. Chatted and had a bit of a laugh

In posted about my time on the BBC switchboard in the thread marckee linked to

Conpletely forgot avout that.

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Barely famous but yer man Mac Demarco’s a reet immature arrogant cunt and so are all his bandmates

actually mainly his bandmates tbh

Read that as ‘Phil Spector’
Would’ve been impressive

John McClure from Reverend & The Makers
Richard Hawley
Charlie Fink

Ian Williams

When @xylo stared at David Walliams and Walliams was like “What the fuck are you looking at?”


what?! can’t imagine him being rude

I can’t remember if the actor who played PC Loxton in The Bill thanked me when I served him wrapping paper back when I worked in WH Smith. So for the purposes of this thread I’m going to say he didn’t, what a bastard!


That’s a pity. What did he do?

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Omid Djalili (sp?) left a massive mess in the cinema that I had to clear up, even though I helped him and his entourage choose which film to watch.

how does omid djalili (sp) get to the stage where he has an entourage and some sort of private cinema ??

I once spilled my pint on the shoes of the guy who plays the dad from My Parents Are Aliens. I apologiaed and he started calling me a fucking cunt and I thought he was genuinely aggrieved until he started laughing and then picked me up in a bear hug, spilling what remained of my pint in the process.

At chucking out time he got on (presumably his) pushbike and fell off about 50yds down the road and started chuckling loudly to himself.


It wasn’t a private cinema. Just a Cineworld during the middle of the day. Entourage is stretching it. I’m guessing manager and opening act…