Have you ever paid full price for Ben & Jerry's or Hag Daz

  • Yes
  • No

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still can’t vote


the answer is most likely no though


Proxy vote? What you saying?




I’m saying no but if one of you vote for me then it’ll deny you of your democratic right


only in a successful attempt to impress an attrative. there are few more impressive acts.


Because they are always on offer. One or the other.

If they were never on offer then I would.


I’ll sacrifice a comedy-alt’s vote for you my favourite fopfopz!


please clarify what is full price


I’m happy to waive my vote so that you get yours fopps. ‘No’ it is!




Other things I’ve NEVER paid full price for.

Domino’s Pizza
Charlie Bigham’s ready meals


i couldn’t tell you


very humbling and selfless


you gonna hit lidl later? they had the brownie one AND the cookie one.


Hey Lonzy I just had a free Krispy Kreme doughnut.


Dunno, but paid more than a quid for Original Source shower gel the other day. Bad times


Oh go on


I have but to be fair it did make my whites whiter