Have you ever produced a 'zine?


@penoid - come back to us :cry:


That sounds lovely!

Really looking forward to receiving the post and investigating :slight_smile:


she just got in touch with loads of people she knows who draw and that and asked if we wanted to send her anything. i guess going to art college helps idk


Get someone to help all it is wandering about selling it, we had kids doing it. Football fanzine culture is all about being seperated from the club.

The one that i wrote for at FC United did actually give all the profits back to the club but were never sold in the club shop or blessed by the club.
There will eventually be something controversial written that the club won’t like and you’ll start editing yourself which goes against the culture.

Don’t go out of pocket after the first one either if possible, if you make any profit use it to cover your next print run and build from that, if you make more than your next print run costs put that in a separate account, it will build up over the season.

We had a guy who did the lay out and we got it professionally printed so i don’t know anything about that part.


That’s really useful info - thanks!

We’re a small Non-League club so getting people to help out with everything that needs doing on a matchday is nigh-on impossible, so getting people to help with the selling of a fanzine isn’t going to happen.

And, as the club shop is run by the independent Supporters Association who then make a donation to the club, I’m hoping that whole thing about controversy won’t become an issue. That said, it’s certainly something worth thinking about.

The overheads, I’m not too concerned about covering myself quite honestly - I don’t think the print-run is going to be massive and I’m happy to be a bit out of pocket.


These people are good value, used to printing zines, and are a co-op:



No worries, if you want an article on the pitfalls of none league fanzines let me know :slightly_smiling_face:



If that’s a genuine offer, that’d be superb!


I did one issue with my friends when I was about 19. It was called Period Sex.


Sounds slightly different in tone to what mine will be :smiley:


I made a couple in 1994 using an electronic typewriter then cutting it up and pasting onto A4 pages before furtively photocopying them in the school library. Mainly a mixture of bad reviews of music, some poor poetry and short stories and really bad drawings.

Great fun to do though.


Sounds pretty cool! Nice work.