Have you ever propped a chair against a door to stop someone getting out/in?



Have you ever slid furniture in front of a door to stop someone getting out/in?

Have you ever boarded up a window?

This is not a poll thread.

Keep it light.


yep. used to do it when my brother was giving me dead arms and generally being a massive bully. I’d hop out the bedroom window, onto the porch and ride off on my bmx into the sunset*

*depending on the time of day


Yeah, did it to siblings a few times mate, who hasn’t


I have Balonz, many times. Most recently to keep the cats from coming in at night because they’ve worked out sheer force of will can open the door, so anytime I’m entertaining or really don’t want the cats around.


Yeah, I’ve done it to your siblings a few times too!!!


not with a chair but i’d tie my sister’s bedroom door handle to the opposite door handle with a dressing gown cord so she couldnt get out of her room when she was doing my head in


No and no


I suppose I walked into that one didn’t I


I went to do it in a meeting last week (it was to hold the door open though so I hope you don’t mind me mentioning it), the chair wasn’t tall enough so I failed.


Oui mate


Yeah, psycho drunk flatmate on the warpath.


stacked loads of gym equipment in front of a door at school when i was a cheeky little troublemaker :smiling_imp:



Of course.


never have i ever


So perfect


yes. for bants at uni.

on a related note: as kids, my uncle superglued my mom’s bedroom door shut with her inside, so my grandad had to kick the door through so she could get out