Have you ever "ran so someone else could walk"?

Not literally of course but you know what I mean

Also, I know that this is usually the other way around but I’m not interested in that

I have literally ran so someone else can walk, and I don’t know what you mean by the non-literal sense - either way round.

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Well that’s fucking presumptuous.


Well, I mean I wasn’t expecting literal examples but I ain’t one to look a gift horse in it’s dang mouth!

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I ‘run so someone else can walk’ quite a lot on the football pitch, as a wing back.

The people who are able to walk due to my running are Pete (left centre back) and James (holding midfielder)

Wing back, now there’s a football position that has enjoyed a resurgence in the last 5 years or so!

An inverted wing back, no less. And with 3 goals and 5 assists this season the numbers really speak for themselves

And the numbers are saying “this is indicative of the system and person executing working well!”

Our right wing back is an actually good footballer so it’s mostly me ‘ghosting in’ for tap ins at ‘the back stick’ but thank you for your kind words

God bless x

Ghosted in at any back sticks recently?

If you require context most recent example was in very cold weather one day in winter I ran home pushing my kid’s buggy (she was screaming because she was too cold) so my wife could just walk home (she was too sore from the cold to run).

Had a three hour kick around with my nephew and niece 10 days ago during which time I would have ghosted in at the back stick, yeah.

Completely ruined my legs. My boots are well and truly hung up for any real football now I think.

You hung up any boots lately?


My firm ground copa mundials are on their last legs. Have bought a new pair to replace them as soon as they’re past the point of no return but I’m out with a sprained acl atm. Expect them to be hung up in the next 4-6 weeks

Keep me posted

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Can I trouble you for a 'xample?

Just my general posting, helping others to post goodly and in betterness.

Ah yeah, yeah. Gotcha. Yeah, I feel ya, I feel ya

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