Have you ever received an email who thinks you're someone else

Few years ago I got some emails from someone in New York thinking I was his son. His dental account was also using my email address for some reason, and I got some bills sent.

“Thanks Tom, I’m sure Mia will come around, she always regards her food with suspicion at first.
This photo is of Barry’s back yard. They’re house is in a complex with a golf course, it’s about 1250 sqft, 2 bedroom, two baths. We could buy one for a mere $250,000. Not too bad at all.
Love Dad.”

Attached are some photos of the back yard with his wife in.

“Hi guys we arrived finalyyyyyyyy. Yikes!
A very long trip. We arrived okay after a one hour delay in Toronto when the pilots said the computers were not working. They shut the whole plane down then rebooted the computers etc.
As a result we missed our connections in Brussels and then after a lot of frustration with the check in staff we were sent first to Lyon then on to Nice. Finally arrived 11 hours late!
Its a beautiful day on the mediteranean. Talk to you soon . Love from all mur”

I don’t know. I did get an email the other from someone who told me to ignore the email they’d just sent before I read it, so it’s absolutely 100% impossible to know what that firat email was about and whether it was meant for me.

Something really poignant about reading them. Or at least those ones I got.

Think I replied to one of them like oh nice one did you end up buying the house?


Well, did they?

He said ‘huh?’. Typical of my dad.

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Emails don’t think


Got an email asking if I was off to see a Chieftains concert in LA. From the look of things it was meant for somebody with the same name as me.

Regularly get ones in Russian. 🤷