Have you ever said

‘what time do you knock off?’ to someone?


not sure

No, but I know someone who has.


This better not be a MM Bozzas gag!

Yes, of course.


definitely not

I’m not a cockney character in a tv show so no

I have indeed.

As if.

And in the present tense, “knocking off?” etc

I will happily accept both

Bit of a personal question mate

What time are you knocking off?

I am confused by this thread as I use this phrase semi-regularly


Will see if I’m in the mood for it when I get home

Have you ever said “Close of play”?

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It wasn’t so much the phrase but more have you ever semi sleazily asked some service staff what time they finish work in the hope that you may take them out and start your seduction skills.

I say knocked off on the regularity but not for this purpose.

Can you “knock on” to start a shift?

30 seconds of googling says that no you cannot.