have you ever sat in a seat on the aeroplane that has the emergency exit?

i was place there on a flight to canada, and when they came round to ask about the emergency exit and if i was capable of opening it, they noticed i had a hearing aid in and asked me to move.

so once, for 10 minutes.


“are you able and willing to open the door in an emergency?”

like… dunno. how heavy is it? probably.


A few times, yeah. It’s a cheap way of getting more legroom.


Really wish you could have a go at it first, feels odd they just trust someone who says yes with no proven evidence of opening doors.


Loads of times, usually it’s the cheapest seat on the plane that still has decent legroom. On a flight from Atlanta to San Jose I was sitting next to a couple who were vaguely listening while they gave me the little safety brief thing.

“Haha, try not to open it when we’re in the air!”, the guy said, with a chuckle.

“I’ll try, haha” I said, warmly but less enthusiastically.

“No, seriously, don’t”, the guy replied with absolutely no humour.


Never heard of this, but it sounds scary.

All the time as I’m a tall boi.

Yeah loads, mostly on Ryanair. I heard that if you’re travelling alone and you check in quite late, like close to the closing time for check in, you’re more likely to get these seats as they wait to see if anyone will pay extra for them. Reckon it’s true because I’ve got it more times than not doing that.

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I would hate this. Sometimes I have this weird thing in cars where I have a massive urge to just open the passenger door when going really fast down the motorway and jump out. Imagine getting that urge in a plane


Yeah once on a Qantas flight I kept an eye on one of the seats to see if anyone was going to sit there and then just asked to move the second the door closed.

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My uncle was in a helicopter tour thing over the grand canyon once, and he was next to the door and it swung open. He had to hold it closed until they landed. Imagine how tightly you’d be holding onto that.

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Yes, got asked to move there once by the cabin crew (not sure why, maybe the person who was supposed to be sat there didn’t want to do it).

I wasn’t called into action, which I’m very glad about, albeit this makes for a really boring anecdote. Sorry

oh man that’s intense. Can’t imagine ever getting into a helicopter in the first place tbh

Nah me neither. Terrifying contraptions.

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As often as I can, for the divine combination of enough leg space and a wall to lean on as I nap the flight away.

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No but I would love to, the knowledge I could blow (well, open) the thing wide open, oftentimes given lots of legroom, perfect.

Emergency exit doors open inwards initially so they can’t be opened during the flight due to the pressure differential between the pressurised cabin and the non-pressurised outside :+1:


Same happened to me due to my prosthetic arm, so yes I also sat in one for about ten minutes :slight_smile:

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that’s a relief!

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Mate of mine was telling me the other day that she got moved from the emergency row last month due to being 7 months pregnant…