Have you ever seen plastic saucepans before (and other amazing sights)?


Only in my niece’s kitchen! She is a six year old child and her kitchen is a toy kitchen so this is actually quite a funny post


YES! Does she have one of those where you put the pans on the hob and it makes a boiling noise?

Yes. They go in the microwave, obviously.

I know a boy, Nicholas, who has one of those.

Fucking Dr Science is back, everybody.

Alright, calm down.

Yeah, I think so, she also has some of that fruit which is velcroed together so you can chop it and a fun thing to do was to present her with a half banana half grape or something to wind her up (about three years ago, she’s outgrown this now and my nephew isn’t really the smartest so just doesn’t care about a half banana half grape)

I will need some new pans soon.

May I recommend these?

can they be used with an induction hob?

Yes. No need to read any other parts of the thread.

advcie: i got some from M&S and they weren’t cheap and let me tell you they are SHIT! so don’t get them.

nb I wanted stainless steel but was told we have to have non-stick.

She don’t give a shit about your advice, harru.

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Early Creedence lyrics needed work etc.

going to try this with my friend’s kid, see if I can irk the little bastard

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Best of luck!

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the fuck is the point of them? I’m livid.

I’ve got the shits as well. Covering it up quite well though, none of my colleagues have noticed.