Have you ever seen someone throwing their ex's clothes out of a first floor window?

  • Obviously not
  • Yes

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If I saw this I’d be like “Boy! Ya don’t see that every day!”


Yeah, I live in Glasgow.

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No. I live in Glasgow.

Yeah, happened a long time ago to someone very close to me who was in a very bad relationship for far too long. Sad memories seeing this thread.

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Clothes and PlayStation games. What a day that was.

The other half outside on the pavement shouting up at them “I can explain!”

No but someone i know did this last year

Not out of a window, have seen someone fling luggage at their partner/ex and it burst everywhere, similarly dramatic.

Only in Glasgow!

Never in Glasgow!


A friend’s dad had it happen to him on a ferry or cruise ship, his suitcase thrown overboard by a girlfriend he’d managed to annoy. The idea of someone watching in horror as their suitcase flies through the air into the sea always makes me laugh.

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Why does it only happen in Glasgow?

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I lived in a block of flats as a child and I saw it happening between a couple who lived in the same block. You could hear them arguing and the woman said to the guy,
‘Aye well ye’ve got a scrawny willy anyway!’

They obviously resolved matters and were back together probably that day but my mum referred to him from that point onwards as Scrawny Wullie.


cutting up and throwing mine and my dad’s underwear out the back window was in my mum’s playbook when I was growing up if we left them on the floor for some reason, so kind of?

Yeah Les Battersby did it to Janice


one of my fondest memories was getting back from school once, opening my window and hearing one of my school fellows have a blazing row with his girlfriend on their walk home up the road. funny because this guy always seemed absurdly grown up even as a 14/15 year old - had a tache etc. proper eastenders shouting ‘BABE!, BABE!’ after her.

I also recall absolutely losing it once when near the end of year 11 when things were winding down after exams etc, I saw him lean back in his chair, put his arms behind his head and say ‘ahh, sun, sand, beer and sex’ referring to a holiday he was about to go on. Just thought it was a ridiculous thing for someone his age to say even at the time.


Fucking brilliant.


No but last year one morning there was a woman outside screaming at one of my upstairs neighbours. I didn’t hear exactly what he’d done but she was furious and going to sleep with every single of his friends, apparently. It was tempting to go out there and be like, no love, that’s really not a good way to get back at him.

Thread has reminded me of the word for this. Defenestration.

Good word.


a very inefficient way of moving house