Have you ever seen someone throwing their ex's clothes out of a first floor window?

No but last year one morning there was a woman outside screaming at one of my upstairs neighbours. I didn’t hear exactly what he’d done but she was furious and going to sleep with every single of his friends, apparently. It was tempting to go out there and be like, no love, that’s really not a good way to get back at him.

Thread has reminded me of the word for this. Defenestration.

Good word.


a very inefficient way of moving house

And this, in turn, has reminded me of the rubbish British metal band called this


Yes, once.

I think you mean Kettering’s finest

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D to the E to the F to the E,
N to the E to the S to the T
R to the A to the T I O N
Defenestration FC

Sorry it’s just literally all I can think of when I see the word Kettering


Never seen it, but kind of know someone whose done it (SILs cousin).

And I don’t come from Wales