Have you ever seen the same band/artist more than once on the same tour?

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Just wondering.

Never made a deliberate point of doing it but I’ve travelled to see bands who have ended up adding a show closer to home later on so I’ve gone to both


Tour date and a festival slot on the same tour but never 2 proper gigs I don’t think

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Klaxons why!!!
Manics - Send Away the Tigers tour - Brighton Dome (May), Bournemouth BIC and Brighton Center (December)
BSP - DYLRM? Album tour - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms and Brighton Digital

Haven’t done it in 10yrs or so mind.

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Saw Neutral Milk Hotel 3 times on their reunion tour.
Saw Frightened Rabbit twice on their last tour :cry:

Probably others also but these are the two that spring to mind.

Reckon I saw Caribou 5 times on the Andorra tour, as they were playing almost everything I went to. But yeah, normally as a result of festivals rather than multiple gig tickets (bands tend to only play each city once, and then nearby cities almost immediately after, so fuck that).

Oh that’s another to add to my list if we’re including festival gigs

NMH - reunion tour - Bexhill De La Warr Pavillion and Green Man 2014 headline


All individual gigs here. Bought Manchester tickets, then they announced Dublin so got tix for that then months later they added a Belfast show which I never thought would happen so went to that too. :grin:


Interpol four times on Antics tour- Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham

Radiohead four times on small venues tour in 2006- Wolves both nights and Blackpool both nights.

For context, was living at home with parents, had a full time job and it was hanging around with my friends for a week so good times.

Will still see bands more than once for each album, but very rarely for individual batch of dates as fully CBA now and pick and choose combos of venues and cities I like/convenience etc.

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King Crimson, two nights in a row, Edinburgh’s Usher Hall in 2015. Me & a mate had already bought tickets to both shows, so it was a little irritating to find the venue giving away tickets for the second night (first gig sold out quickly, so a second was added but didn’t sell brilliantly). Still, it meant we got another two friends along for the second show :slight_smile:

Nick Cave twice in the abattoir blues tour. Didn’t particularly want to go again because I have never been a regular gig goer and so I’d much rather see two bands than the same band twice when I do get out for a gig but a mate bought tickets for us both without realising that id been earlier with a different mate! Was bloody good both times mind you.

Have seen the following bands more than once on the same tour:

The cribs (done this on 2 separate tours)
Pet shop boys
Girl band
Ezra furman

Think that’s it :thinking:

Rusangano Family.

That’s about it?

In 2008 I went to see Maps & Atlases with my mate and the math pop band Colour were supporting. They instantly became my favourite band but the other thing I remember from that gig was that I sent a text message to former DiSer Tom Whyman. I’d been in a band with him and one of his songs rhymed ‘president’ with ‘precedent’. Colour did the same and I felt the need to inform him.

Anyway, I saw them again a couple of months later at The Old Blue Last and then a couple months after that they announced that they were splitting up. I decided to see them as much as I could on their final tour. They played London on a Thursday or Friday but were missing their guitarist, which was weird. I think I later found out that he’d been unable to get out of work. I saw them again on the Sunday with my sister in Portsmouth and then went to see them on my own in Guildford on the Monday. They played a final gig in London before splitting up so I ended up seeing them 6 times in a year.

I saw The Hotelier in Kingston with @plasticniki and @plasticmike then a week later the three of us saw them again in London but with about 20 other DiSers. That was fucking wicked.

Surely seeing Duran Duran 3 times on their Big Thing tour wins me all the cool points?

Or maybe Erasure 2 times on their Wild tour?

Otherwise I’d have to throw in Pixies and LCD.

REM in 1995. Both Huddersfield shows and then both Milton Keynes ones.

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Suede touring Coming Up, but can’t remember whether it was one, two or three different tours. There were certainly consecutive nights in Kilbern. Also saw them in Stoke and at The Roundhouse. And finally at Reading Festival.

Saw one of the Brats tours several times. Was Bluetones, Cardigans, Heavy Stereo and Fluffy. Saw them all in Cambridge, then in London. Day of the London show they also all played an in-store at the Virgin Megastore, so went to that too.

Finally saw Sebadoh in Ramsgate then supporting The Lemonheads the following night, not sure if that counts

Springsteen. Normally do 2 or 3 shows each tour. At least half of the songs will be different at each show. Last time he did two dates in London, one got Darkness at the Egde of Town in full, and the other got Born in the USA, slipped in casually in the middle of the gigs.

Also usually see NIN a couple of times each tour because I haven’t quite got over being totally obsessed with them as a teenager. Its basically massive FOMO that they might play a super-rare song when I’m not there.

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I saw The Smashing Pumpkins twice on the Machina tour in 2000, twice on the 2007 tour, and three times on the 2008 tour. Can’t believe it’s been twelve years.

I haven’t done it since, oooh, November (New Model Army in Bristol and Cardiff). I used to do it a lot, thanks to flexible working and friends dotted around the country at convenient intervals, but it’s dropped off as I’ve got older and children have arrived - fifteen years ago I might well have done every date on the NMA tour, these days I manage two and that’s only when they’re within an hour’s drive of each other.