Have you ever stopped going to a regular haunt (cafe etc) because you felt the staff were getting sick of you/were a bit rude to you?

i have a couple of these. shame!

No, the opposite, there are places where I now feel I know the staff / owner too well and am obligated to chat when really I just want to be left alone.


this might surprise a few. But if an establishment is rude or really shit service, I never return! sad!


disclaimer - this is probably more my neuroses than a reflection on the cafes in question

for example, Urban Reef in Bournemouth left me waiting at the front desk for ages wiv ma kids as you need to wait to be seated. Wasn’t busy, staff milling around clearing one of the many, many empty tables rather than coming over to seat me. left and will NEVER return.
Take THAT urban reef bournemouth!


though sometimes my work has work do’s there…idgaf I’ll wait outside! #notgoing

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Don’t be a hero, twat…


I didn’t go there that regularly, but I got terrible service at a local café the other week. I went in there with a toddler and a buggy. My first “mistake” was to try and look at the menu, but they were desperate to get me seated and were a bit miffed that for some reason I wanted to check that things might have been OK for a toddler to eat rather than going straight to my seat.

Then once I worked out that there would have been things we’d liked I went to go and find a table - and at this stage the café was only about half full - and there was one by the window which would have had space for the buggy. Instead they tried to squeeze me into a tiny table. The waiter, who had got miffed earlier because my boy was my first priority when I went in and not him, turned round and said “That’s a table for four, if you can’t see”, implying that I can’t even count up to the number of fingers on my hand, desperately trying to assert his waiterly authority when the café was only half full.

Fuck him and fuck that café - there’s loads of other cafes near me. They’re nothing special.




You can’t win with some people …


Two different people.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that the waiting staff should be attentive, and also responsive to the needs of the customer


I’d have loved the opportunity for a waiter to be verbally rude to me like rob.orch, I just got totally ignored!
FU @urbanreefbournemouth

I used to live in Stoke Newington and would often go to a certain late night bar. Enough that the owner knew my name.

I left my coat on a seat and went to the bar. When I returned my coat had been moved and someone had taken my seat. I remonstrated with them and the owner came over. She said, “Oh, they’re regulars, leave them be.”

OK, if that’s the way you do things you won’t be seeing me in here again. And out I went, never to return.

Friends who live nearby tell me that she still sometimes asks after me. Three years later! But if there’s no apology and no admission of having treated me wrong, the nasty skank can go without my money. (Not that there aren’t plenty of other drunks who want to drown their sorrows after the pubs have closed.)

A friend was banned from the same place a few years ago for knocking the Christmas tree over. Someone else did it. The someone else admitted to having done it. But the owner can’t show any sign of weakness and admit to having got anything wrong.

If you have never been there since, how do you expect her to apologise to you?


She knows enough people that I know to pass the message on. She knows how to find me on Facebook (because I DJ a fair bit I have a Facebook page for that). It’s not actually very difficult.

How do you find out if they’ll let you do this before entering?

Don’t think I’ve ever been to one place often enough, tbh.

As soon as they start to recognise me it is awkward and I stay away for awhile

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