Have you ever successfully reclaimed money from a vending machine?



I ask because Yvonne from reception has been owed 20p by the vending machine all day. I don’t fancy her chances of getting it back.


I used to work somewhere that had a few vending machines. nothing to do with our company, they were run by someone else, but folk would come up to me to complain that their money had been eaten all the time. all I could do was give them the phone number of the place and ask them to fuck off. nobody could be arsed to phone up obviously. but it happened so much that I started writing down how much each person was due, eventually I wrote to coca cola saying “hi, your vendy owes me £25”

got a cheque a few days later, no questions asked. still wonder how much they were actually raking in off folk not claiming their money back.


yes, easy, just called them and gave my account number


our vending machine seems incapable of giving out any 5ps as change, and as everything costs 65p or 75p they end up costing 70p or 80p as i never have the correct change. obviously never going to try and claim 5p back, but reckon it’s probably got a quid or two from me over the last couple of months which is somewhat annoying.

different office had a vending machine with a post it next to the coin slot saying “correct change only, mechanism broken” or something like that. one day someone added a note next to it saying “why not fix the mechanism then?”. it got taken down a couple of hours later, still hasn’t been fixed afaik.


No - a photo booth robbed me of £2 the other day. I went to the till (in asda) and she started filling out a thing which had a number to call I just told her not to bother as I would never ever call that number. Bet she thought I was a real big shot after that.


yeah, I once needed water after a night out and put my fianl £1.30 into a vending machine in Reading Station. it swallowed my money and i went parched needless to say, my letter to the company was well received and they promptly refunded me within 28 day in stamp form.


cant remember when I last used a vendy


I’ve got a pal called vendi


Feel like I’ve broken even in the long run through strategically buying items above stuck items that fall and displace them


Vendi Agram? Yeah his genealogy diagram is two concentric Italian and Pakistani circles


No, but he is Italian


Stone cold smackdown there, Lopes


:I hate hate fact I can’t just post smiley faces :slight_smile:


At school I put my money in the vending machine but the bell rang and it shut down (it wouldn’t work during lessons) so it absorbed my money and I asked for it back :thumbsup:


: )





i remember mine (a few months ago), because it was a big fridge for bottles of water and fizzy pop that took card payments AND contactless.


Really? Never seen one of those!

I think the last one I did use had some space age claw rathrr than just pushing the drink down


We’ve got a fag vendie at work. Regardless of price, it always rejects the last pound coin you put in, then it times out and dumps all the coins back out. It’s infuriatinGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (and I don’t even smoke on facebook)