Have you ever taken a photo to the barbers/hairdressers and asked for your hair to be cut like the person in the photo

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Please include said photo if possible


When I get a haircut I’m happy with I take a picture and then show it to the hairdresser next time and ask them to do the same again


Not quite, but I once had a big white stripe bit put in so took the cover of some computer game to go… LIKE THIS to the lovely lady. Can’t remember what game.

Yep, I do this. Show them this photo from a couple of years ago. Good old Hector


Yes I do this - it’s particularly helpful when try to convey what tone of highlights you want

My pal James did this and took a picture of himself with the haircut he wanted. The barber guy took a look at it and said “but you hair already looks like this”, started taking off the hair cloak thing and so James just got up and left.


yeah, always, basically every time, and i have the same photo. it’s a black and white one of ewan macgregor. you really need to specifiy for this hair as he’s had loads of them and some are SHIIIIIIT.

also, paul rudd in that film with steve coogan.

People’s hair doesn’t grow the same, never saw how it could help really

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often take a photo of a meal to a restaurant and ask for mine to be served looking like that


I like the idea of doing this but I never do. As such I tend to end with wildly inconsistent haircut quality


I took a photo of a lady in once and I think maybe they thought it was weird but it’s fine

And hair!!

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yeah, one of me with a haircut I liked. every time.

Fairly sure I took this one, colour and cut

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What do you lot usually ask for?

I go “like this [points at own head] just shorter and tidier” then every follow-up question I answer with “sure, go for it”

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I actually really want Guy Fieri hair. If I ever cut it that’s what I’m going for.

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Only to go “ah go on, take some more off” when I’ve said something silly like 4 back and sides and I really mean 2 or 3.

I’ve done both the upfront complain and fix it, and the pretending it’s fine then going to another barber to fix it methods.