Have you ever woken your self up by crying?


So fucking odd. Think this is the 2nd or 3rd time its happened to me. My dream was so sad i was crying in the dream and obviously was so emotionally affected that i woke myself up with tears in my eyes :frowning: aw poor little dream me waking real me up. Knackered now.


:frowning: are you really stressed out at the moment?


Yup after a particularly distressing dream. Can’t say I’ve done it since then though, I woke up with tears on my cheeks.


Not as much as i have been in the past year. It was more of a really emotive action and conversation within the dream, like watching a really sad bit in a film except you are the film. Im just a massive sesitive weirdo.


Maybe it’s your bodys way of venting some pent up emotion? Nothing wrong with that from time to time :slight_smile:


Yes, once in recent memory. I had the most horrible dream and it was horrible.


No but ive woken myself up by farting


Had a dream where I was talking to “God” and a woke up crying and choking. That was weird. Probably had swallowed a bug or something


yeah. happened a few times this year, actually. woke up sobbing uncontrollably and covered in tears. not even sure what the dreams were about, but I assume something very, very sad.


Yeah I have. Was pretty miserable by all accounts


I’ve woken myself up laughing a couple of times, but not crying


:frowning: hope youre okay!

I woke myself up laughing at a dream the other week. I think it involved Ricky Gervais so I dont know whats going on there



but only when completely grief-stricken and crying most of the time awake too. Not fun.


No. Cried myself to sleep but never that.


some cunt put something in your omelette, huh