Have you ever won a competition?

Can’t remember. Think I won some toy car in the Accrington Observer when I was about 5. But how would you like to win this FAN DAY with Aitch and Relentless!

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I won ten pounds by finding a square hula hoop once. I licked it and it was salt and vinegar flavoured even though I found it in a ready salted pack.


Reported this to the Electoral Fraud Commission for subliminal Theresa May propaganda.

I won 2 DiS competitions - one Halo soundtrack vinyl box set (which I sold immediately on eBay) and a signed Liars cd.

Also won a bunch of beer stuff recently (hats and hoodies and stickers and stuff).

The best thing was winning the 50/50 raffle at an Oxford City Stars ice hockey match - got a bag full of coins which I immediately spent on hot dogs and candy :sunglasses:

Yes! It was for a writing competition and the prize was tickets to a writing conference at a university where I did a little talk. I just entered for fun and didn’t expect to win


I also won a chocolate milkshake on the McDonald’s monopoly


Also, my Mum used to have a go at me for peeling the label off the Imperial Leather bars of soap but then I did it once and it said £100 on the bottom and it meant we won £100 but I had to split it with my sisters neither of whom contributed anything at all to the windfall


32 I was


I won a bike in year 6 for making a health based poster
it featured a strawberry skipping and iirc a cool dude surfer banana


Didn’t really know what I was doing during my placement year, so just entered online competitions intensively instead. Biggest win was a Honda CBR600. Sold it pretty much straight after for £4.5k. Worth more but hard to find buyers for a.sports motorbike.


Note: Surfer Banana died on the way back to his home allotment


Yeah won one through Shoot magazine where I got to meet Kevin Davies just after he signed for Blackburn. It was sponsored by Hula Hoops when they brought out their frozen potato rings so I had to wear a bright red shirt with HULA HOOPS on throughout. i was there during an interview he did and I got to ask a question at the end. It was are you excited to play with Martin Dahlin. Also got a shirt signed by him and Billy McKinlay cause he was at the stadium for something as well.

Remember Davies being a top bloke actually. Probably couldn’t be arsed sitting around pretending to eat these shit potato rings with some 7 year old but I remember him being really polite and engaging, so always liked him since


Did you pop any cool wheelies on it?

Also been quite successful this time round on McDonald’s Monopoly. Won 2 (two) day passes for a gym (won’t use and could quite literally not give them away) and also a month’s trial for NextUp comedy subscription (won’t use).

No I never learnt to ride and then sold it #health

When I was in year 10 I won a bowling competition and inexplicably the prize was a pennant signed by the Southampton first team.

Then I won one of these in a Q magazine competition


Think that’s it. Does Popmaster count as a competition?


Oh, I was talking about the poster

On DiS I won:

  • Tickets to see Four Tet, Kode 9 and Jame Holden at the IndigO2
  • tickets for Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction and Mew at the O2
  • Tickets to Sonisphere 2009
  • some Philips Filelio 1 (or something like that) Headphones, with a couple of records.

I also won a parker pen in junior school for letting go of a baloon, and a small Brio Train set, not sure what I did there. I also won the paper aeroplane contest at both junior schools I went to, although I don’t remember getting a prize for that😖


Won a large crochet blanket in a church raffle at about age 14.

DVD of Phoenix nights in a BBC Wiltshire competition

Signed book Strange Heart Beating from Domestic Sluttery

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Went through a phase a few years ago of combing through the competitions forum on moneysavingexpert and entering all the good ones.