Have you ever worn a waistcoat

Happy snooker week

Have you ever worn a waistcoat?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can’t remember

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Earliest waistcoat memory: first communion
Latest waistcoat memory: friend’s wedding a few years ago

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Earliest memory: Christmas day, 199…5 maybe. Brother and I got them as kids when we got a snooker table (not a proper one obviously, out of Argos iirc) and parents dressed us up for the occasion. 28 years old etc.

Last memory: wedding (remember them) pre lockdown as it’s part of my suit


That’s adorable! Top parenting


Yeah it was to be fair, some good photos of us, bow ties and everything. Table lasted for years too, I think it’s under my bed at my parents still.

Have also just got to the no more jockeys Xmas specials so I know what your username is from!


I remember wearing one with no shirt on under cause I wanted to look like the guitarist from Sweet, as I assume every kid in the mid 90s in Yorkshire did

Should be called rib coats really too

I reckon I know where your username is from too


I have one as part of my kilt outfit.

I also had one I wore to a fancy dress party as a member of Status Quo.

In Australia and I think the US (@NeilYoung @xcheopis ?) they call them a ‘vest’ which I find very confusing as a terminology.

Here in Aus they also use vest to describe similar clothing, e.g. a body warmer / gilet.

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Yeah I had to look up what a waistcoat was, definitely called a vest here.

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This is what we call a vest

We have a not so nice southern slang term for those here.

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Yep. Most Americans use vest. I’ve only heard ‘waistcoat’ in relation to old-timey clothes.

It’s not even really covering your waist at all is it? Interesting terminology.


Waste of a coat…

Why did I bother typing this at 6.30 on a Thursday morning? What have I become?


Wear then all the time, great bunch of clothing. When I’m teaching I like to wave my arms about so they’re much more comfortable for wild gesticulating than a jacket but they’ve also got pockets for biros and board markers etc.

I think they’re seen as being posh but they don’t have to be part of a three piece fancy wedding suit, you can get separates.

I think if you’re in an environment where you should wear a suit or look ‘smart’ they are useful to have available depending on how well airconditioned/heated your workplace is. The first office my company had there were a lot of the guys who’d wear a 3 piece suit because it was so hard to judge how cold it would get over the winter months.

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It is I think. It should come down to cover the tops of your hips so it’s a coat for your waist!!!