Have you ever written to your MP?

And if you do it a lot, what letter do you feel made the most difference?


Not sure any letters made much of an impact. I have always lived in a staunch Labour area. When they were in power Jeremy Corbyn was my MP and at the time he wasn’t particularly influential. More recently I’m being represented by the excellent Emily Thornberry but the Tories are not really interested in listening to her either.

Not going to stop me from writing to my MP again, obviously.

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Only to arrange a tour of the Houses Of Parliament. Good tour - would recommend :+1:

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I have only ever used the online systems to email and neither have felt especially successful.

I emailed all of the Glasgow MSPs and councillors a few years back when we were striking (the first of the three periods of industrial action since I moved here). The SNP told us told us the funding council were dealing with it, Labour told us they supported us and Tories said we should get back to work.

I emailed my MP a few months ago before the vote on responsibility for cladding took place and she did respond but the wrong option won anyway.

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Yes, four times. My MP is a beige pro-European Tory who’s relatively socially liberal, basically a diluted Lib Dem who hates the poor a little bit more; I only write to him if I think it is something he might go for in theory. Waste of strain on my RSI riddled hands otherwise. (She says, spending half her life on DiS.)

The first time was a template in favour of a bill on euthanasia - he voted for the bill but it didn’t pass.

Second time was at 2am after a night out in 2019, there was a template about… maybe about abortion laws in Northern Ireland? But as I was wazzed I added a little bit of Pervo flair including “you have blood on your hands, my dude.” He sent back a simping message about devolved nations making their own choices but did actually vote in favour of gay marriage/abortion laws going through in NI despite his message. That was my favourite one.

Third time was something to do with Brexit where he again voted in line with my wishes - can’t remember what because the Brexit years/process is a mental puddle for me now, but he got the whip removed (until the election, when he was reinstated).

Unfortunately fourth time unlucky as I kicked off about the Cummings nonsense and he - someone who was told he would be “purged” by Cummings during Brexit negotiations - sent back a load of piss in the wind about it being too difficult a time to bin off the PM’s chief advisor.

Basically can’t really see that he’d ever lose his seat unless the Lib Dems went in hard against housebuilding and new developments from a sustainability angle at the next election. They probably still wouldn’t do it but it would be the most substantial challenge to his seat I think

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I’ve just emailed my MP for the first time, over my local non league football club (Whyteleafe) being evicted from their ground by new landlords. Not sure it will help, but it’s done.

my hometown one’s a massive fash so never bothered until last year re the food vouchers thing. got a surprisingly positive response, he wrote to a cabinet minister referencing my email and sent me a copy of it

still feel a bit dirty about it though


I’ve exchanged text messages with them whilst they were sat on the green benches of the Commons. Which honestly paints a hugely inflated picture of how connected to them I am. It wasn’t about anything political or policy-centric.

Would probably write to my MP/MSP more if they weren’t someone I’d voted for. Give 'em what for, etc. As it is, it’s a fairly rare occurrence. More likely to write to a councillor.

Sent Angela Rayner one about Rosie Duffield. It was like a template thing I got from a campaign like “copypasta this to your MP if Labour” and her being Deputy I thought would have some clout. Got a non committal copypasta back like “I support trans rights!.. As long as I don’t have to put my career on the line lmfao”. Anyway nice one Ange, enjoy losing your seat at the next GE.