Have you ever


visited the same service station/petrol station twice in the same day with the purpose of using the toilet? Bonus points if you didn’t buy anything.


Yes once on a drive to the sea (from london) there was literally blood and piss everywhere. I ran away terrified :sob:




Fuck! The same service station twice in the same day.


I’ve Balonzed this up


ah. then no i don’t think so. maybe i have. i don’t know.


walked through a room. but it was more like the room passed around you, like there was a leash around your neck that pulled you through? Have you ever been at someplace, recognizing everybody’s face. until you realized that there was no one there you knew?


ever felt like this?


I thought we were playing that drinking game.


If the drinking game is “two fingers if CCB ballses up a thread” then yep :smiley:




I wonder if Tebay is the petrol / service station I have pissed in the most? who knows


Maybe start a little piss diary?


new app idea: PISSR


That has some uses you may or may not be into.


Reading for me, I reckon.


This sounds very Partridge CCB!


Oh yes. I reckon Partridge would be able to give a top five of Norfolk service station toilets, ranked by frequency of use.

This service station was across the border in Cambridgeshire hiss


You didn’t time your journeys well in correlation to your liquid consummation, did you?

I reckon you could sneak in and out without paying for anything? Toilets aren’t usually by tills… CCTV would have you but you’re not doing anything really wrong…


I can also hear the Mid-Morning Matters sketch in my head!