Have you ever

skated on thin ice?

  • Yes
  • Opposite of yes

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suffered fools gladly?

  • Of course!
  • Of course not!

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given preference to a couple of birds in a bush?

  • But there were two of them!
  • The one in my hand was quite enough for me.

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eaten an apple in an effort to retain distance from your GP?

  • Only reason I ate it
  • I ate it for other reasons
  • I have never eaten an apple

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Definitely keeps the bowels regular.

ever felt like this?

  • have strange things happened?
  • are you going round the twist?

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had to knock on wood?

  • I know someone who has
  • never

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Heard of sting?

  • Yes
  • I suggest you listen to his entire discography

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Good thread, thanks for sharing

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missed a boat

  • no i am punctual
  • alas,

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put all your eggs in one basket

  • no! you should never do that
  • what, am i going to walk around tesco holding two baskets like a complete doughnut? not likely

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chased a wild goose

  • HONK
  • no, it was quite tame

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saved nine by stitching some time

  • Yes
  • I’ve never understood this one either

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A stitch, when applied in a timely fashion to a hole in a garment, may save a further nine stitches in the event that one was to leave the hole to grow in size.


ah, ok, makes sense. Everyday’s a school day.


Have I ever!