Have you ever

Accidentally bared all to a delivery driver coz you threw on a dressing gown robe and it came undone?

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Is this a drinking game? If so, no drinks for meee.

can’t say i have, no

I haven’t, have you?

the last time we tried to play this as a drinking game it ended in chaos

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Mainly as i don’t wear a dressing gown because of my strong anti dressing gown opinions

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You know one with a tie round the middle

Not all but definitely some

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Left or right nip?


That’s a dressing gown OR a bathrobe if you’re from the US of America.

My mum only used to have one with buttons so I got that in mind as a dressing gown


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Have you ever had the front desk come up to your flat because of complaints of you shagging in front of the window.

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have you ever had a front desk

No, but my wife told me to come back inside immediately before her friend arrived as I was putting the bins out in the “shortest dressing gown I’ve ever seen”.

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I believe it was actually a flash of cunny

Just made myself laugh there, absolutely favourite word of all time that. Good old victorians.


Little bit of minge


What a word :grinning::grinning:

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