Have you got a podcast? Well now is the time to post a link in this thread buddy!

Soundcloud link, Mixcloud, iTunes. Whatever.

Just a link and a brief sentence of what it is about.

Sexy shit.


(sly attempt to pick up a few cheap likes)

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Yeah, he should really be concentrating on the Christmas Album thread, surely? Not long to go now.

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I have no idea what this means bud…but I’ve liked your post anyway


for example.

Christmas song challenge is happening this year. Always starts around the same time. Don’t worry.

This will be the last year I do it (five years!) but each year it’s been ace. Actually listen to all the songs when putting it together and publishing it Christmas Eve. It’s mega christmasy.

In fact, if people don’t listen to it they’re missing out on a nice Christmas feeling. Also it does get some actual listeners.

If someone wants to take it over after me feel free.

It’s a bit like when Old Man Brusma asked someone to take over DiS_Quotes formhim but better because you know, Brusma.