Have you got a wiggle mirror?

A wiggle mirror?


I do not


Yes I do, it was in the flat when I bought it. It’s now at the back of a cupboard.

I don’t and I’d worry about it if I did.

Every student household is required to have one I believe. Nobody else does afaik.


That’s very sweet but you can’t spend your life worrying about your mirror, everything breaks sooner or later.

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My bedroom mirror leans like that but its a good dependable rectangle, chunky framed. Would take several strikes to unearth it.

Do we have any students anymore? Like an 18-22 first time round undergrad style.

In fact, the picture at the top of this thread could have come from any student house ever, with the textured wallpaper (unless that’s actually some kind of boarding, but it looks like a wallpaper some of my friends had) and grey carpet too

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Does it distort you like a fun house mirror?

have you got a mirror wiggle? like a little dance you do for yourself

I do that thing where you rub your thumb along your eyebrow.

One of these?



I have a Zara home golden wavy mirrors, took such perseverance they kept sending the wrong one

Selling cheap might buy some more

the most beautiful sight I ever saw

Two of them actually!

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Our house came with a 4 part one in the bedroom. It’s no longer there

Would you like a wormdoo?