Have you got festival fever '04?

Something about the combination of The Sunday Times logo and the boring disc art makes festivals seem incredibly uncool to me

I don’t know why I still have this. My dad must’ve got it in his paper.

Zero replies.


Just skimmed through the tracks. This explains why I had Reptilia and Irish Blood, English Heart on my first 128mb mp3 player in 2005.

Absolute banger.


Maybe the best Strokes song. I was a teenager in that weird halfway house Napster generation so only ever bought two physical singles in my life, that and Danger! High Voltage (money very well spent IMO :D)

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Very Luton Town colour scheme

@Ilovetoast You could apply to be on this!


South. One of the most insipid bands of all time. Bless ‘em

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First time I’ve heard of them. Seems pitchfork liked them.

They were on mo’ wax in the uk (a very strange match up) I got all the promos for free from the label. Not offensive but just so so bland