Have you guys got all your adult teeth yet?

Shout out to my colleagues who are still rocking those baby teeth tho

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My teeth on the bottom row are so tiny that I’m convinced they’re still baby teeth

Not all of them fully yet, hence

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*bottom teeth

Who wants to know?

Yeah and quite a few other peoples too

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no lol

Tim Whatley

My wisdom teeth never came through. I asked the dentist about them when I had a dental x ray for something else earlier in the year and she said they probably won’t now unless something changes like having a tooth removed. My mum’s came through in her 40s though so I am worried mine might do the same.

I don’t have any baby teeth remaining but I lost them really late. I was 19 when the last one came out. 19!

One of my adult teeth never came through. Still had one tiny little wobbly baby tooth well into my thirties when I finally had it pulled out.

teeth are bizarre


Had to have my last baby tooth removed at 13 but that sucker is gone. It was a canine.They had to (warning, nasty) cut up my gum, like a whole chunk of gum and put it to one side to get my tooth out. They moved a mirror over me at some point so i saw my gumless tooth, it was withoutmy glasses on so not as horrific as it could have been if it wasn’t blurry, but still awful. That chunk of gum healed kind of bumpy so when i run my tongue over it, its not flat like the other side.

Ooft. You have my sympathy, pal. I had to get one of my adult teeth winched down with a chain attached to braces. Needed a general anesthetic to fit it all and then my knobhead of an orthodontist cut the chain months earlier than she was supposed to which fucked it all up

You can kind of count yourself lucky. They’re bloody useless. My top two came through, wonky so they cut my mouth when it’s a bit swollen. When I last went to the dentist she explained that because they don’t have the bottom teeth to oppose they’re essentially gradually falling out of my mouth and hence might eventually end up having to be pulled out. Great.

Think this is happening to me on my back right side

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Never had a filling


I got the chain too! It was unpleasant

Awful business eh

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Pretty much the only thing I can brag about wrt my teeth


I’d love to have rodent teeth so i could constantly gnaw