Have you guys got all your adult teeth yet?

I had a filling in my only wisdom tooth recently. Was great. First time a dentist had looked at it in 20 years and boom! it’s still there.

What’s stopping you gnawing with your human teeth?

They won’t grow back in the same way

Yeah, that’s a reasonable stance

My wisdom teeth were removed and my impulse control was never the same again

  • I have an underbite
  • I have an overbite
  • Perfect little matched up teethies

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Not had wisdom teeth yet, but some people just never get them do they? I’m 30, I would’ve had them by now.

I’ve had absolutely no grief off my teeth my whole life, which I’ve been v grateful for. They better not start fucking me about now after a three decade harmonious working relationship.

Oh actually there was one nearly grievous thing. One of my teeth wasn’t coming through when I was a teenger, so the dentist was like “oh we’re gonna need to x-ray your whole head”, and I was like what for you freak. And he told me that you’re born with all your teeth, so if one isn’t there, it might have formed in a bit of the wrong place and gone travelling about your skull as your bones grow. In fact there was this one girl who had a tooth end up right at the top of her skull, slowly moving with the growth of those plates that form all throughout adolescence. One day she was minding her business, and the infinitesimal growth of the plates finally dropped the tooth into her fucking brain and she died in agony. Then after telling me this he’s like “yeah so I’ll see you in two weeks for the skull x-ray”. Had a great two weeks fearing for my life.


If I allign my teeth properly my chin sticks out and feels uncomfortable