Have you had tablet* before?

the last tablet I had was Irn Bru flavoured, I bought it from my local MP at the Highland Gathering festival we have every year.

Then went onto a double decker bus and voted in our mock Scottish independence referndum

Weird day all round

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pretty easy to make

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Why are such good DiSers outing themselves as absolutely bells in this thread :frowning:

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Is it good? I have my doubts

That’s a capsule or pill. Tablets are monolithic dosage forms.

Honestly, this website.


It’s crap mate. Horrible.

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Is it like fudge that’s not mixed properly so it’s all grainy and not very good? If it’s that stuff then I don’t like it.

It’s mixed fine, it’s basically recrystallised sugar from condensed milk.

You’re a monolithic dosage form, pal


British Sea Power’s original lyrics needed some work


Kendal Mint Cake is lush you heathens


I can see from the poll that you’re a non-tablet haver and that your opinion is therefore void.

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@japes sent me some for dismas. Was nice. Like harder fudge


I was going to buy tablet for all the people that haven’t experienced it before to spread some #loveandjoy around the boards but there’s actually too many of you now and I’m made of neither money nor tablet so the deal is off goodbye


It did tell me to get tae before chugging 2 litres of irn bru tho, which was weird

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I’d love to have some tablet but have never come across it. I suspect I would still like KMC though even post-tablet

You can get tablet at any seaside resort in the UK. They might call it fudge, but it isn’t.

Hold on hold on.

Does this look legit?

Cause I can go here and get myself some of this

Minus the fact that they chose to spell moreish as “moorish”, it looks pretty decent. Go for it! Expand your sweet horizons.

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You’ll want the 2.2kg tub though, it’s not very filling.