Have you heard the new True Widow LP Avvolgere?

I think it is really awesome. The bass sound in particular is really nice. What to you guys think?

It’s alright. I can’t really pinpoint any real problems with it (though the drummer does the same pattern on like every track), but I think it’s simply that their other albums are better. Their formula is already limited and it feels like they haven’t really grown at all.

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i think this is a fair summation. i don’t think its anywhere near as impressive as their other records and there aren’t too many stand out tracks. big fan of F.W.T.S.L.T.M. tho

i don’t think that they use the dual vocals anywhere near as well or as much as the previous records, which is one criticism…

Okay, to be fair, I am not really familia with the older stuff. Seems like I should definitely check Circumambulation out.

The drum sound is part of their appeal; to be mesmerizing, hypnotic or any other word describing consciousness.

It’s a fantastic album. I’d say their sound has matured like a fine wine.

And just to avoid cliche, I mean.

In a Joy Division rather than Steely Dan kind of way.

It strikes me as simply repetitive. This is true of past releases, but the stronger material made up for it.

Others have done better with less.