Have you "launched" anything lately?

Be it a trend or an object or, I suppose, a ship.

Untitled Goose Game on the Epic Games Launcher

Not in the last 10-12 days, unfortunately. No.


I’m going to make #NTWICWAU a thing

Is 10-12 days your definition of “lately” Ant?


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Are those work days?

No. Normal days.

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But what is “normal”. I ask myself that, and now I ask you that too.


A “normal” day is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


had a tesco meal deal yesterday

thinking soup today

I launched my sports bra across the living room this morning in an attempt to get it in the wash pile… I hit our open Carcassonne box instead and spilled a load of meeples on the floor.

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Ex-squeeze me?

1000 ships ( cause of my beauty)


Would it freak you out if I were to tell you I was literally going to launch this thread yesterday but I didn’t? :exploding_head:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Something between yes and no
  • Could literally not give less of a shit

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Clearly something in the air, I could feel I was channelling something when I started typing

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Who are you asking this to?

We launched our new microservice last Friday. She’s doing very well.

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The class

Interestingly, I have! You see I was walking through the ancient port town of Tr-

Oh hang on, sorry. That was 13 days ago.