Have you made any failed cultural references recently?


I just tried to reference that bit in Airplane! -

“It’s the hospital”
“The hospital? What is it?”
“It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now”

Nope, not a flicker of recognition from my colleagues.



not particularly recently, but I was hammered when my mate introduced me to his friend Dean. Decided to greet him with ‘Hello Dean, you are a stupidhead’. This was not sensible



One of the few phrases I know in German: “Du bist ein dummkopf!”


In many ways it was I, rather than Dean, who was the stupidhead that day


I mentioned something about Reeves and Mortimer the other day. Pretty much everyone I work with under the age of 27 had no idea what I was on about.


This weekend my mother in law was going through her epic meds box which she lets me periodically raid. She was looking at one box so I asked what it was to which she said ‘gabapentin’. Quizzically I replied ‘yellow bentines’?

No-one laughed. Though on the inside I was pissing myself.


often use Archer, Bob’s Burgers, Rick and Morty and sometimes even simpsons(!) references that get blank stares.

Recently made a Darkplace reference which was met with one person being very happy, and 3 others totally bewildered.


There was an old man on The Chase the other day who looked like Marty Turtletaub. Neither my wife (who has watched the same two and a half seasons of Bojack as me) or my dad (never heard of the show) understood my amusement. I even laughed googling a picture.


Girl called Aisha came in for a job interview.

Two mid twenty year olds in the office were oblivious as I did a decent stab at the intro.




Was training a new guy recently and used an example customer that I’d called hyacinth bucket (our training system is already well-stocked with bart simpsons, david beckhams, dolly partons etc)

New guy in his early 20s had no idea who that was or indeed how to pronounce hyacinth




To describe what the Manchester City away kit looked like I used this very obscure 90s video game reference (Nerf Arena Blast)

Nerf Arena Blast:

Man City kit


I said “I guess I picked the wrong day to give up glue” earlier this afternoon.


Lead balloon.



I used this exact phrase! In front of the assistant registrar no less! She laughed though!

Although I dont think she necessarily got the reference.


See, I can understand people not getting references to Bojack Horseman or some other Netflix show. But everyone must have watched Airplane, right?


A new Leon opened next to our office recently. There was discussion about how they’re everywhere now, in London at least, so I said ‘Leon’s getting larger!’ Nothing. I didn’t really do the voice, but still, these weren’t young people.


Is that because Reeves and Mortimer haven’t been funny for about ten years?


A couple of times when suggesting plans/ideas I’ve suggested that “Nothing can possib-lie go wrong”, as it’s one of my favourite ever throwaway Simpsons gags. About 50% hit rate with that.


At work someone referred to someone as being ‘half man, half bear’. I added ‘half pig’ and got blank looks all round. Had to explain myself and it turns out the 4 others in the conversation (all mid-late 20s) have never watched a moment of South Park