Have you maintained any rivalries during self-isolation?

Hello my beautiful and vivacious friends, this is a quick thread to check in on the status of any of your rivalries during this period of self-isolation. I think it’s obviously very important to be maintaining the upkeep of your friendships but we should make sure we don’t let any rivalries slip.

Please post rivalry updates in this thread.

is this healthy rivalries or bitter self-destructive grudges?

Either/Or, David. I’m no threadsworth!


got to say, I’m a very bitter grudgeful person and yet this situation has really given me a new outlook on life.

hopefully will return to normal when this is all over.

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@jordan_229 has been destroying me in new-threads recently because I haven’t been posting as much. He’s destroying me on Duolingo too. I just want him to know that I’ve noticed these things. I am the noticer.

Not made many threads this week. In a bit of a lull.

Let’s see if I can get myself out of it.

Fuck you jk

I’m considering making @Scott_Chegg my enemy.

Have given up arguing with people on here, just not a good use of anybody’s time and energy right now

Oh no! Why?

A non-enemy would know why.

How come?

Fucking hell. Can’t just make an arbitrary enemy without everyone questioning it nowadays.

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I am confused, upset, hurt AND scared. I didn’t think it was even possible to be four things

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I’ve been upwards of SIX things sometimes!

No way?! List them.

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I like to keep my friends close but my enemies closer as a general rule

Angry, sheepish, horny, redundant, glowing and pensive


Not ideal in these times!

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