Have you maintained any rivalries during self-isolation?

Ha! You’re not wrong there, Lonzy x

I now consider you a lifelong friend. How many things do you feel now?

And what we the seventh dwarf called? HAHAHA

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Just pure, unbridled joy


The only rivalry I have is with a car I shouted at on Sunday, only I’m not sure I can remember which car that was anymore.


Don’t see many cars nowadays, should make it easier to track down

Getting annoyed with dog-walkers and casual joggers discovering my cool secret running spots. Hope they forget about them once lockdown ends and get off my patch

Let’s see how the quiz goes, hoping to start some tbh


Is jk your shorthand for “Jordan Knobbers”, your insulting nickname for Jordan Numbers?

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The cyclist who had a go at my girlfriend because her dog ventured into the cycle path for half a second is my new rival. what’s easier to control, an animal with free will or an absolutely unnecessary tour de france level road bike, you lycra clad bellend (is what I wanted to say, he simply got a “shadap”)


Cyclists ARE the worst.


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this is a new and interesting hot take and I would be keen to discuss further

i bet it wasn’t



Also if it was they’re probs really hard to handle

he was, at the very least, what you’d describe in football as a “full kit wanker”, as he navigated the gruelling terrain of the completely flat pedestrianised brighton seafront

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espesh on a cycle path? sounds like an idiot anyway

related but not really, i was at some lights the other day and a bloke was in a car next to me and wound his window down and said “eh, that’s a nice bike” and then he correctly and precisely guessed how much it cost? was convinced he was gonna follow me and push me off and nick it but he didn’t