Have you maintained any rivalries during self-isolation?

This is now the cycling thread


Mostly just this one kind of

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don’t fucking @ me

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I have maintained my Scrabble rivalry with my friend Stef, and it has, if anything, intensified. Also I am in a never-ending pun war with my friend Matt. Also I played some Miniclip pool against @Brainfreeze the other day but I don’t think we’re rivals.

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You lot are the worst. Fucking cyclists

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Still block all my Facebook friends who spell “have” as “of”, “our” as “are” or “allowed” as “aloud” (with the exceptions of Ginger Aloud, Bradford Aloud, Stockport Aloud, Norn’ Iron Aloud and I Don’t Care, and It Feels So F%€€ing Good To Say I Swear Aloud)

I’m on your various rivals’ sides here

Are Price
Are Bovine Public
Are Wullie

Not much famous stuff in the universe of stuff beginning with “Our” is there, bizarrely.

Of I Got Centrist Dad Jokes For You

Still 100% against hard-boiled eggs

No but you did beat me! :man_facepalming:t2:

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My work nemesis keeps derailing any of our department attempts to do anything productive with classes now we’re all working from WFH.

He contradicts himself email by email, winds up the anxious people and refuses to accept any guidance, all under the guise of being really passionate about student welfare.

I’m genuinely having to refrain from calling him a bellend in work emails and Teams meetings.

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