Have you muted anybody yet?







Now that I’ve worked out where it is, yup!


Seems like everybody’s replied to this thread


Whoop, that earned me http://community.drownedinsound.com/badges/14/first-link


how do i link :frowning:


I just pasted the URL of the other thread. I guess the site does the rest…





Badges, badges, more badges!

What Are Badges?




you don’t get the badge if you link to the thread you are already in, lol


Is anyone surprised by this?

  • No
  • Fuck No
  • Hell no
  • Definitely not
  • Yes

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give me this badge ffs


YES I have. But it’s only for notifications. I will still read their posts from time to time


Never really been bothered by anyone enough to want to mute their posts tbh.


my eyes glaze over already at the content that isn’t my kind of content.

I’d like to think I’m wildly inconsistent enough that people would keep me unmuted just in case I post something they simply must ^This.


Here’s a link:



Correction: apparently it’s a “Onebox”.


Doesn’t work :’(