Have you noticed how it isn't as big a deal to have 50+ replies to a thread anymore?

Once upon a time, @deep-blue famously announced that getting 50+ replies was a sign that you were doing a good job in the thread you had created.

However I create some absolutely garbage threads, proper disgusting stuff, yet they’ll often still clock over the 50 reply mark, maybe only just but somehow they do.

Are people just less cautious about their replies nowadays? My theory is that since most of the trolly-types no longer post here, people aren’t as guarded about responding to a thread, but I may be wrong in this.

Do you feel more comfortable replying to threads these days?

  • More than I used to
  • Less than I used to
  • About the same

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I also think that some users are absolute champions at making people realise that you don’t have to have something interesting to say to justify responding to a thread. This is the motto I live by.

This thread is extremely cruel to those of us still not getting over that 50 reply threshold.

I think it’s a testament to the craftsmanship and passion of our dedicated team of threadweavers


You’re talking shit. Pure gold like advances in bench technology has not even got out of the teens.

More users nowadays I think, somehow.

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Where is our international day?

June 28th

There’s been an influx of new users

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That’s because it didn’t have a poll

  • I am voting in this poll
  • I am not voting in this poll

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Also Constitution Day (Ukraine)

I know


Yeah, it’s true. I just went on the old boards and the first two daily threads I found had 94 and 132 replies respectively. A weekend thread on here sometimes tops 500 replies.

I think there are more active posters on newDiS and it’s a more conversational feel than the old boards. Plus do you remember how difficult it was to use the old boards? THREADSMASH! etc

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Have there? There certainly haven’t been in this thread

I’ve seen it now, thank you


You got any plans for Constitution Day (Ukraine) this year?

  • Not yet, but I will
  • Not yet, and I won’t
  • Yes

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Yes! Thanks for doing the research. I forgot about how broken the old boards were.

This is great thread cross-pollination

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What are your plans @anon5266188? It is a birthday of someone very special to me, so I am currently making plans for that date myself.

I’d love to have the patience to turn the boards into an Ian Livingstone book. Just wait till 4am and post hundreds of replies to arbitrary threads. It would be a huge project, but I may do it one day.

could it also be a rise in the number of people using dis on their phones? i wasn’t around but i imagine on the old boards people were reliant at sitting in front of a computer - so you’re not gonna get people replying when theyre out and about. now - just pull your phone out and join in.