Have you noticed how popular maosms posts are?


5 likes on most of them.

Good posting, Maosm


D’you reckon he buys them in?


Just five badges left

One is leader. I may have to get all Highlander on Sean.


This doesn’t mean I like anyone’s posts any less by the way.

Come on baby, don’t be like that, you know my likes for you were genuine.


nearly 2000 :heart: received! Crazy


2000 likes?! fucking hell, man. I need to start posting in a 100% agreeable and safe manner from now on



Understandable, he is a witty man with an interesting face (and he’s from Bridgend which counts for many things)


yeah well him and Clunesy are v good pals.


he’s no @adybongo, that’s for sure

what a face!


Same 5 people liking a lot of them. Must be big admirers of his


And I’m grateful to each and everyone one of them. They TestComplete me.