Have you noticed yourself ageing recently?


like not overnight or anything. just looking not so good as say a year ago?

man, I’m looking at myself and not quite liking what I’m seeing anymore. in the face area, specifically. it’s like I’m looking at a different person. no good man.

lines/more lines, eyes like a 50 year old ruffers. no good man.

what about you?

any tips for remaining fresh?

please talk


Seeing a few more grey hairs glinting in the light that I’m happy with, but fuck it.

Embrace it, silks. There’s no escaping the ageing process, might as well make peace with that.


Maybe, but I think I’m still on a gradual upwards trend in terms of looks, so i’m feeling ok about it.


I’m cool with it eps. just chucking shit out there.


how old are you bud?

I’d say I was at my finest between 32-39…then something happened. almost overnight.


28, so a few good years ahead of me. More worried about the inevitable physical decline than looks tbh. Most footballers (Rooney aside, obvs) peak around 28/29 before their body starts to decline physically. I don’t want that to (inevitably) happen!


I look similar really but feel more haggard. My knee cracks every time I walk down the stairs.


Got a grey hair in my beard and I lost my hair upstairs a long time go but other than that I’m not too bad.

I have developed an unsightly patch of hair on my left shoulder though. Could that be linked to ageing?


I noticed a couple of strays just the other day. Fucking hurt to pull out too.


Sudden spurts of hair in previously unhairy places (heh), like my upper back, hands, and inner ears. Awful.


I’m worried I’m going bald.


Played golf on Monday


Don’t think I’ve aged in about 15 years


Physical wreck. I have not aged well.


my metabolism is failing me in a big way, i knew this day would come


started going grey when I was 13. never gave a shit about it and its almost all on the sides so looks pretty cool IMO.

embrace it bruh.


I think I generally look a bit rough at the moment, but not sure if it’s age or just because I’ve been ill/super tired/working crazy hours.

That said, the guy who just knocked on my door asking for some money for charity said I looked good for my age, pretty sure he would have no reason to lie to me?


Haven’t aged since leaving school but I’ve spent most of my early 20s drinking quite heavily and feeling intensely stressed so it will catch up on me. I’ve also been smoking for 8 years.


Actually this too.

Went to a driving range with a couple of mates. Two of us had never even held a golf club before but found it quite fun.

Not sure I could spend all day playing a proper round of golf though. Not for at least another 20 years, I hope.


you’ve got the be at a relatively decent level for it to be enjoyable. But on a sunny day, in a cart, with an icepack and a few tinnies in the bag it’s a good afternoon (oh my god I’m old :frowning: )