Have you "played fast and loose" with anything lately?

What have you “played fast and loose” with in the last 10-12 days, friends?

Yes with my liver…

Only my dignity


This is exactly what I came in this thread to post.

My heart and my bank balance

Pretty standard for me mind

My cholestrol

Going to need to see this jumper pls.

S’nice that. You’ll make it work I’m sure Kerms, you could make an old sack work.

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Just cooked some chicken katsu and I wasn’t 100 per cent sure it was cooked through before I served it to a large amount of family members. It was though, it was kisses fingers

Only The Rules.

My bank balance

why is she tweaking her nipple?

My entire existence. They don’t call me Extreme Measures (insert surname here) for nothing, nor as often as I’d like, nor at all, ever.