Have you quit Spotify?

Seems to be a groundswell of people leaving following them siding with Joe Rogan over Neil Young.

Which of the alternatives do you rate?

We’re intrigued by Tidal offering to pay artists more (although unsure if it’s just more money going into unrecorded deals with their labels)

Lots of replies suggesting Tidal in response to this tweet

Enjoyed Apple’s cheeky dig at Spotify

Shazam have a free trial for AppleMusic if you wanna give it a go Shazam

Some of the things I’ve seen posted


Was not surprised to people banging on about free speech in response to our Facebook post Redirecting...

Mostly just keeping it to spite Epimer these days.


have thought about it, not made any moves to actualise that though

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Seriously considering it now, my only draw back is I pay for a family subscription and cancelling it cuts three of my mates off too


The DiS Facebook comments seem to attract some right headbangers these days


Same here - my Mum would kill me.

I’d pay more per month for a fairer subscription service run by an indie provider - a bit like chain with no name - but not sure where that’s going to come from.

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No, it is too useful. Use it daily.

I have apple music as well, for the locker of my own library.

Fuck Joe Rogan though.

It begs the question as to why are Spotify I this game. Like other podcasts and hosts don’t care about their politics as far as I can tell, and more interestingly other pod catchers would likely still be allowing subs to him, if he used RSS.

I guess my point is the Joe rogan show isn’t a podcast.

Things exclusively available on a service aren’t podcasts.

  • Yes
  • No, thinking about it
  • No, not bothered
  • Wasn’t on it anyway m8

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I cancelled our family subscription last year, but my wife then promptly set up her own subscription. I try and avoid using Spotify as much as possible as I absolutely hate what they have done to the UI, but I do still have a bunch of playlists in there which I haven’t yet exported, plus Spotify playlists are still pretty much the standard in various threads on here.


Had been meaning to ditch Spotify for a while but the story about them investing in weapons tech last month(?) was the final straw for me so I cancelled my subscription and moved to Tidal.

Finding Tidal ok at the moment. Was able to move all my playlists and saved albums across without any hassle. The audio quality is far superior to Spotify on the standard subscription but I see you can pay more to ‘Master’ quality recordings which I’m not really bothered about.

The downside is there’s a few things I’ve not been able to find. Some releases missing from artist’s discographies so Spotify seems to have been more comprehensive but fuck going back to them for a few EPs and that.


yet another situation of agreeing that thing x/y/z is bad but the effort of action vs the reality of it having exactly no influence on anything means I struggle to motivate myself to do anything


If there was a easy way to scrobble from Apple Music to Last.fm, i’d be there already. I know there are ways to scrobble via 3rd party apps, but Spotify has the integrated scrobbler. And i’m lazy.


It works seamlessly with my hifi in a way that no other platforms do. That’s the only thing really going for it.

I tried it when it first came out and uninstalled it fairly quickly. Think it is much better now though, and miles better than Spotify.

Didn’t we have this thread last week?


Anyway, I’ll keep using Spotify because a) I’m lazy and b) if I chose to quit every massive company that was problematic in some way then I’d have nothing left and just live in a mud hut somewhere listening to the cows moo all day.


In before some wiseass says that that sounds nice.

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I feel really defeated by the world. As far as I can remember, every single protest or boycott or anything I’ve taken part in has failed. I’ve never even voted for an MP that’s been elected. All me boycotting Spotify would do would be to make my life a little bit harder.


This is what I was getting at but worded better.