Have you quit Spotify?

Qubuz has wav streaming and the interface is really easy to use.

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Qobuz are on my list, I’ll give them a go as they occasionally offer a 3 month free trial.

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the magazine they do is sometimes pretty good as well

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I’ve never bothered with it. Will give it a look.

it’s not become my go to resource for music reviews or anything, but something like this about Sault:

with links to all the albums, and a playlist, all in once place, is cool

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Great to see Spotify not even bothering to try and spin that any of this extra income is going towards artists.

Why bother. 99% of Spotify don’t care who gets paid.

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here’s a question whilst i was cancelling spotify to go on my annual voyage of finding better providers and eventually returning to spotify; why so many discounts for friends and families that live in the same house?

don’t us sad single pathetic people, already burdened by not being able to share other costs, deserve some release whilst crying along to out digitally encoded scott walker albums?

Fucking hell, Sparky Deathcap getting 28 million plays? Incredible stuff.

The fuck, it’s a whole genre of video. I’m genuinely happy for him, but that’s so unexpected.

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To discourage account sharing.

He got signed to sony off the back of the hype lol hopefully he can parlay it into some real €€€

Some of them (Apple, Tidal I think) don’t restrict you to being in the same household so if you have family/friends elsewhere amenable you can split the cost.

I live in Italy but have family in the UK on my Apple family sub so they definitely aren’t restricting by location.

Is Spotify suddenly censoring albums? I thought I noticed it yesterday but didn’t think much of it, but I’m listening to Something Bad Is Gonna Happen by Fenix Tx right now and all of the curses are entirely muted. What is this shit?

Has it got a parental advisory sticker. If not it may be the. Ensored version

Oh weird, no sticker, I know it used to be there - it looks as if the standard versions of their albums are suddenly gone and have been replaced with clean ones. Bizarre.

Rights may have switched or lapsed they may come back but has happened before to other artists

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Just got a new distrokid account for a couple of new projects and I’m thinking about re-upping my Body in the Thames back catalogue

hmm :thinking:

they’ve removed the heart


Not for me