Have you quit Spotify?

What did you use it for? I only used it by mistake

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to …like songs :smiley:


a message popped up this morning saying likes have changed but i didn’t screenshot it

it’s changed to a tick and if you’re scanning through an album/playlist the disappearance of the hearts mean you can no longer tell which tracks you’ve liked at a glance


Fair! Lol

The heart is the one Spotify feature I miss on Apple Music

Yeah it’s super annoying to not be able to identify liked tracks when scanning lists.

Still available on desktop app though.

Sort of hacked Spotify back to something slightly less awful with https://spicetify.app/

Bit of a faff though, and will see how quickly Spotify break it

Imagine if innovation was about public need rather than profit driven greed… and the Spotify founder’s op-Ed was for right wing paper The Daily Mail


Did they innovate - I may be getting my dates mixed up but I remember using Napster (the streaming service) before spotify


I always think about that too. In about 2004 before everyone had decent enough wifi and smartphones?

Bizarre to see people in the replies whinging about Spotify’s lack of lossless audio.

Surely if you can afford a setup that makes the most of lossless audio you can afford to play for the FLAC or whatever?

Level of entitlement is off the charts

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While we’re at:

“Power has become concentrated in the hands of a select few”

He’s a literal billionaire!


Spotify is vile.

Also staggering is how inaccessible paid-for music downloads are these days. Amazon makes you jump through all sorts of hoops (you can’t buy digital music in the Amazon Shopping or Amazon Music apps - you have to use the web browser) and the iTunes store is totally inaccessible on Android.

Bandcamp doesn’t have everything. And 7digital is more or less dead.

Only iPhone users seem to have easy access to iTunes now and it’s called the music store now or something.

I still use Spotify daily though cos I’ve grown so accustomed to it.


tbf to the bastards, this is Apple/Google’s fault.


How come?

think they take a cut of anything sold in-app

It’s the same with other amazon purchased or kindle books via the app also, I think it just tells you to make the purchase via your browser, so they don’t have to lose a % of the payment.

In Android’s case, they updated the Play store rules so in-app purchases have to use Google Pay, then they skim if the top of top of that. (and the privacy implications of Google knowing everything you buy.)

I’m sure it’s similar in iphoneland.

It’s not that crazy when apple and Amazon have it as standard and even on a basic set up it does sound a lot better.

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Spotify’s new audio book offering has the potential to cause more havoc within that industry too. As a consumer it’s compelling but I very much feel uneasy about it’s introduction.