Have you quit Spotify?

This basically relates to all of Spotify eh?


Fair enough, I stand corrected RE: the technical aspect, but I don’t think lossless audio should even be an option, let alone an expectation, when you’re talking about the price of a cd in return for access to the history of recorded music

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Billboard reports that the giant Swedish streaming service is restructuring its royalty system and that it “will de-monetize tracks that had previously received 0.5% of Spotify’s royalty pool."

The new system will benefit the artists and labels that are already more established, and the biggest change is that a track will need to reach a minimum number of annual streams before it starts generating royalties.

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Such complete ass-backwards bullshit but 100% par for the course.


I wonder how many plays you need to get to qualify for royalties? Imagine it’s loads which will effectively make Spotify an even more useless service for less popular or niche bands.


It’s one thing for the service to make some money off the backs of “lesser” artists (as they do for all artists), but for already popular artists to make even more off the backs of independent artists? Fuck this very much.


It’s interesting. As the article says, indeed the industry are framing it as an attempt to combat streaming fraud and essentially fake music hoovering up money (and divert that towards artists, but we don’t believe that now, do we).

According to this article, to be in that 0.5% (which Stereogum says indie artists won’t make the threshold of being above) a track would need less than 17 plays a month or 200 a year. Which is to say, if your streaming numbers are that low, you’re probably not making any money anyway (unless you have a huge number of tracks on the platform, which is where the fraud comes in, I guess).

I’m definitely not defending them (and the numbers from an industry publication which is going to be biased) but it’s interesting to see what their claims are.

In short, the three changes are:

  1. Introducing a threshold of minimum annual streams before a track starts generating royalties on Spotify – in a move expected to de-monetize a portion of tracks that previously absorbed 0.5% of the service’s royalty pool;
  2. Financially penalizing distributors of music – labels included – when fraudulent activity is detected on tracks that they’ve uploaded to Spotify; and
  3. Introducing a minimum length of play-time that each non-music ‘noise’ track must reach in order to generate royalties.

Guess what you’d want to see are some estimations on how much of that 0.5% is fraud and how much of it is actual artist’s work.

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This is wild. Like surely folks gaming the system will just adjust to meet the threshold and the only folk it punishes are smaller artists??


Like I said, you’d probably need to know the percentage of tracks that are fraudulent in that 0.5% to see if it’s a good rule. And then that that money is actually diverted towards other artists like they say (I doubt it will be).

Do feel that artists with a couple of albums and less than 17 monthly listeners are going to be making such negligible money, a few fractions of dollars here and there, that it’s not really going to affect their bottom line. Whereas if someone has 1000s of short noise tracks then they’ll be making a few quid out of it.

Definitely would say it isn’t a particularly well researched piece from Stereogum anyway. You need more information and substantiation than they’re giving

I just started up a podcast episode and had to watch two 30 second non-skippable ads first. On a paid account. Crazy how this platform is still successful. Time to stop giving these goons my money. Think I’ll give the goons at Tidal a go.


I can’t really think of another company that’s more transparently and nakedly contemptuous of the very people its business is built on than Spotify.

and yet people will still keep drinking that garbage


Yeah, I think there’s a couple of other issues not addressed here (the ‘playlist economy’ being the big one) but I think the main problem with this announcement is that Spotify hasn’t put any meat on the bones of it

What’s the minimum streaming threshold?
How will it be counted - monthly? Yearly?
What counts as ‘fraudulent activity’ ? Actual fraud or just breach of Spotify T&C’s? What are the consequences?
How are ‘non-music’ tracks judged as such?

But like I said… I think the whole ‘playlist economy’ question is the elephant in the room that no one is discussing


It’s convenient, everything is there that they want and the price is right. So they don’t feel the need to move. And aren’t motivated by supporting artists and therefore paying more, or demanding better terms for them.

i know, yeah

I make up for it by buying records too i guess. People werent bothered by piracy so im not surprised theyre not bothered about this


Spotify was playing hidden tracks on my phone earlier. They’re hidden. Don’t play them. That was annoying.

Yeah, it seems to occasionally do that for me also. I think if I skip forward a song, or hide a new song, then it ‘foxes’ itself, but still a bit annoying of you’re not paying attention.

I mean, literally it’s because they thought “we can be 0.5% richer and no one can stop us” then guffawed themselves into a coma whilst spilling vintage wine over their corpulent girths. Then they went out for a competitive baby-seal clubbing session and set fire to a small child’s dog.

Just capitalism. The excuse is paper thin. They were probably laughing whilst they thought of it.


Amelia :heart: