Have you quit Spotify?

App now auto starts playing when you click into it. Can’t seem to find a way to turn it off. Infuriating.



I had guessed this would be the threshold

Well, I say guessed… it was kinda obvious after this announcement a little while back

So, you upload your track. You pitch it to playlists. You buy onto playlists & buy some ig/facebook ads In order to hit 1000 streams in 28 days

Then when you’ve done that you qualify to pay Spotify $100 (and upwards) in order to be placed as a homescreen ad

Then you can be guaranteed that you reach the threshold + maybe break even

You have to do this with every track, every year


So your music… which before was just a vector for a tech company to sell ads… is now a vector for you to buy ads to advertise your ad vector on the ad vector tech platform


Genuinely amazed that people and artists still use Spotify


Unfortunately it’s pretty much the only game in town where I come from

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This is just payola isn’t it.


It’s extortion.
They already have payola for the playlists.


they’ve did it again :cry:


It’s been a checkmark for me for quite some time (still a heart on desktop app).

I find it very annoying as it doesn’t signify a liked track, it just means the track is on one of my playlists. So if you’re like me and make a lot of playlists to organize your music, that means every single song on every single album I’m listening to has a green checkmark because it’s on a playlist (and since they stopped allowing you to shuffle your library a long time ago, I have an “in rotation” playlist that contains all recent albums I’m keeping in rotation). It’s just a meaningless column of green checkmarks on every album.

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it really breaks your heart

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Speaking of music streaming and hearts…

They’ve also got a royalties threshold thing going on. The specifics and the rationale seem different to Spotify. Less obviously gouging than Spotify, but :person_shrugging:t3:

“Spotify will not make additional money under this model.” :eyes:

Lol, Uruguay wanted to protect their artists and make sure they get what they’re owed, so Spotify is now leaving the entire country


Does demonstrate that governments do have power though. Imagine if the EU, UK and US passed similar legislation - how would they react? They can’t withdraw from everywhere and they obviously want to avoid it happening. I am too busy to spend my time working with lobbying groups, but this sort of thing should be absolutely totemic for them.


Goddammit I hate being so embedded in this app’s ecosystem.


They don’t pay artists but as a faux household member I dont pay Spotify either.

Is there a latest summary of alternatives? It’d be great to get roughly the same level of service for a lower price and no icky feeling. I’d settle for the same price and a free first month.

Here’s an article from 2016 when Spotify threatened to leave Sweden if proposed tax changes were implemented

And here’s one from a year later about how they lobby against tax changes in several countries


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Deezer sounds like what you’re looking for. Slightly better sound, less dickishness. I think.


delighted with tidal. only thing it’s missing for me is podcasts, but that’s easy enough to sort

the recommendations are actually good!