Have you quit Spotify?

Might do a free try of tidal

If nothing else I found the new music section infinitely better than Spotify’s - it’ll list basically everything and order according to what you listen to (with the least likely matches lower down). Feels a lot less gamed than Spotify who show like a handful of records - most are singles - most you dont care about and the big releases stick around for weeks… I never had that issue with Tidal*

*last used 2 years ago


I’m using Deezer. For much the same reasons I wanted an Atari ST instead of an Amiga, and Duck Duck Go is my default search instead of Google: just willful obstropulousness and a deep suspicion of things that are the runaway popular option. It’s fine.


The price of Premium Individual is changing from £10.99/month to £11.99/month.

We’re increasing the price of Premium Individual so that we can continue to invest in and innovate on our product offerings and features, and bring you the best experience.

I got the above email too and just realised they were supposed to be introducing a new lower tier without the audiobooks but it wasn’t mentioned.

Apple Music has started crashing every few songs on my phone running Android 13. Anyone else having issues?

Please disregard my earlier post about taking advantage of Amazon Music Unlimited’s trial offer. The app is completely borked on Android, I’ll be trying Tidal as soon as my trial period ends.

About to add £2 p/m to Duo :roll_eyes:


Switch to family and get a couple of mates involved

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At least he can afford some record store day releases on eBay alongside investing in war tech

Just noticed Neil Young is back on Spotify.

Ooft, my spotify is a bit borked.

I go into my What’s New section on my phone, ready to see all of the new albums out today, so that I could download all of them and then go through them later to see which ones I like. But it only shows 5 new albums. The previous couple of weeks I had to click back out of the What’s New section, and then back in again, repeatedly, for new albums to pop up. This time that’s not working at all.

So today I’ve gone to my Release Radar playlist to find any songs that are from a release with a different name, as they’re most likely albums, then I can add them to my profile, to then go to my phone and download afterwards. This brings up 20+ other albums that weren’t otherwise showing for me today.

I might need to start a campaign for bands to not release songs with the same name as the album, as I’m either not going to spot them, or I’m going to have to individually click onto each track in my Release Radar playlist to check!

they’ve started putting music videos on the main bit of the app (so far I’ve had The Last Dinner Party and Dua Lipa), so whenever you open it you automatically view the video and it goes into your Recently Played list. not a fan.

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Everything driven to the masses on every app, game, TV show and film. SICK OF IT


The Tidal app’s been pulled from Roku devices - looks like because of some dispute over taking subscriptions in-app.

Mostly just a minor annoyance for me as I can play through other devices anyway, but in case anyone depends more heavily on it: you can still install the Plex app and link your Tidal account to use it through that instead.

Gotta say, Tidal is pretty great.


Was disappointed to see this gone. I use it for various reasons, it’s useful when making playlists too. Can’t see any actual benefit from getting rid of it entirely either.

They can fire all the staff involved on maintaining it. They will have research that says it won’t be a deal-breaker for many people, so they can gut and en-shittify and squeeze every last fraction of a cent.

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This incredibly annoyingly tweet feels like a Spotify final straw - what a bellend

Is there a consensus as to a more ethical streaming service yet?