Have you seen any birds recently?



It’s a good time of year for seeing birds, what with it being quite cold and them being quite hungry. I’ve had to keep refilling my feeder loads.

On my feeder recently I have seen:
blue tits (obviously)
great tits (obviously)
coal tits (unusually)
a robin (maybe several, they all look the same)
loads of goldfinches!!
a nuthatch!!!

I also saw a goldcrest in my back garden a couple of weeks back and a grey wagtail somewhere, but I can’t recall where. It was grey and wagging its tail.

What birds have you seen recently? Tell me.


fuckloads of red kites as per


officially jealous


Yeah getting pretty blasé about it now tbh. I’ve probably seen loads of eagles and shit and not really looked up cos I assume they’re all kites


Fucking loads of them in me Ma’s garden but I actively avoid looking at them. (There are also two hedgehogs and they’ve set up night-vision cameras to watch them and constructed a house for them to live in, it’s getting out of hand back there)


can we make up please? I do so enjoy your posts


We never fell out as far as I’m concerned, friend :slight_smile:


yeah. they’re bred in East Anglia so whenever I drive home they’re all across the sky, it’s beautiful. Big, big fan.


my Welsh crew are starting to talk about them as pests now tbh. they have all these feeding stations in West Wales which has led to massive increases in population. At the same time farmers have been removing/neglecting hedgerows for years which reduces the amount of nesting space for small birds and makes those that do nest more vulnerable to egg thefts by the kites, so loads of other smaller bird populations are declining.
They are cool tho


Permitted. And expected.


Look at this fucking set-up! It’s insane! They’re not even retired or anything, my Mum literally makes muesli for these creatures (also can’t find a pic of the literally insane amounts of bird food and feeders scattered around the place)


Just saw two ducks in my garden.


Big fan of these fellas. They always come in pairs and are really friendly. A couple have turned up to the little lake outside my work.

Egyptian Geese:


That is great!

A few years back when I was still smoking I used to go out into our back garden to light up. One week I kept hearing a strange scraping noise from further up the garden. Since we have a railway line right behind the garden I assumed it was a signal or something like that. But after a few days Mrs F was tending her garden and she found that a hedgehog had fallen into one of her empty plant pots and had been scraping away trying to climb out.

Fortunately they’re pretty resilient animals and it seemed fine. We had it and another one, possibly a baby one in the garden for months. One time it came out and sniffed my foot, which was cool. The difficulty with feeding hedgehogs though is that they eat the same stuff that cats and foxes go for (although foxes are also partial to a bit of hedgehog) so you need to put the feed somewhere quite inaccessible.


I thought this was going to be a thread where everyone suddenly realised, “no, I haven’t seen any birds for ages” and we’d all be struck with the terrifying notion that this was the beginning of the end times.

Pity really.


Another great call. I’ve been closely following the Egyptian Geese on St James’s Park lake this year. Because they’re filthy immigrants they haven’t worked out the weather here yet and try to have broods in February. Then it gets cold and they all die. Then they just try again. Resilient.


Ahhhh so that’s what they are! Always see 2 of these lads on the towpath on my cycle to work. Inseperable.



Also every now and again one of them will go into a mental quacking frenzy for no obvious reason. Also awesome.


friendly geese? what’s the world coming to