Have you seen any really annoying words recently?


I have.


so near so spa


It’s a hotel where they put the white people on a different floor to everybody else.


Indeed. Annoying and also fucking stupid.


Alright Nelson Mandela.


what’s the upscale bit mean?



They built it bigger than they meant to


yeah it’s like the reverse of a model village: the living room is designed to look like a giant matchbox.


some cunt on here going on about things being well ‘brexit’


Bit brexit, pal


LOL!!! fuck off



Customer Delight


Think that’s a sackable offence in most places.


Today I received an out of office email which contained the word ‘holibobs.’


there’s a development on oxford street that is advertising “lateral apartments”. was too annoyed to take a pic.


I’m sure you won’t mind me posting this even though it doesn’t quite fit the tread topic but when a shop or bank is closed while building work is being done and they say something on the hoardings along the lines of: “your new store is coming soon”. It’s not mine, stop pretending that it is.


I’ll allow it. The use of “your” in that context is annoying.


i think it means they don’t have stairs but are still fucking massive enough for millionaires