Have you seen how you have to ask now for a bag at Sainsbury's

You have to ask the person at self checkout for a bag like a naughty boy

Not in Glasgow you dont

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Only in the big Sainsbos in Fallowfield

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used to be the case in the tottenham court road sainsbos, but they just dump them at either end of the self service aisles now.

Alarming inconsistency


I noticed everywhere I shop has slowly stopped offering all of them were asking would you like a 5p bag? or trying to upsell a bag for life (really enjoyed the helpful, opportunist capitalism of that one) for the first few months and now you have to ask for anything.

Either way doesn’t bother me. Mainly get annoyed at myself the few times I forget to grab a bag or don’t have one when on my way home. Paying 5p a time for what essentially become small bin bags!

At least they’ve got contactless now though eh

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sainsbos in the petrol station still don’t have it. the checkout guy is always moaning that every other sainsburys in glasgow have got the contactless but not them.

this was a reply to @Antpocalypsenow btw

I’ve found that the self-scanners at big Bo’s don’t have them yet either, they seem to have just rolled it out amongst the Locals thus far.

I have noticed the new self service format however

Was like that for a while at the Asda near us. I think even before you had to pay for the bags, you used to have to ask for them.

I’m surprised that this event hasn’t attracted more attention on these boards.